Friday, December 21, 2007

Al Hanissim in Al Hamichya Part 3

In a local weekly Torah publication I found the following:

Why is there no mention of Chanukah in Meayn Shalosh? The nature of Meayn Shalosh is that it incorporates the essential parts of benching. The Gemorah regards the Al Hanisim as an askorah, not a part of bentching, therefore it is not included in the Meayn Shalosh.

I already discussed this topic in two previous posts. We brought the Brisker Rav's answer and Rav Soloveitchik's answer. Both were a bit more involved answers than this. I'm not even sure what the answer being given here is, because I don't know to which gemara the writer is referring. The main gemara dealing with the recitation of al hanissim is in Shabbos 24a. I don't see anything there that reflects this answer though. What am I missing?